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    Why rent an email list? One of the reasons why many online marketers have not tried this innovative technique is they believe it takes too much time. The reality is that email marketing does not take long to setup, and with the right software you can keep track of your leads in no time. Here are some quick instructions on how to rent an email list.

    Email List Rental by Emailing a Provider. There are a lot of internet marketers who offer email list rental services. These service providers give you the addresses of email subscribers. When you rent these lists, these addresses are not personally owned by you. So, you will not be charged anything when you rent these lists.

    The Typical Renting Process. Usually, there are two ways on renting these lists: through a broker or purchasing them directly from the provider. You need to choose which one fits your needs the best. Let’s talk about these two options briefly.

    Broker Pricing. A typical internet marketer hires a professional web designer to create a lead capture page. Then the marketer needs to add affiliate links on this page so that emails sent from his website could lead potential customers to purchase products or services being offered by the affiliate. Once the customer purchases something from the merchant, the link to the merchant’s webpage is attached to the lead capture page. When you rent from a reputable provider, this option will work very well for you.

    Reputation Management Cost of Renting an Email List From a Reputable Provider. An important thing about renting an email list from a reputation management firm is the cost of renting the list itself. Generally, firms charge you for the number of emails you can expect to receive each month. If your intended target audience is professionals, it may be worthwhile to rent the list for several months. For those who intend to use the email list to generate leads or build a reputation, this option may not be worth the cost.

    Leads and Reputation Management Cost of Marketing Items on Renting Lists. When renting lists, you have to be aware of the cost of marketing to the recipients. Usually, when you rent from an internet marketing firm, you’ll receive email updates regarding newly released products or services offered by the company. As these items are new in the market, some recipients may be hesitant to try them out. In cases like this, it would be helpful to include an disclaimer that encourages the recipients to seek further information about the item if they’re interested. Remember, renting lists is just part of a wider marketing campaign aimed at increasing the company’s reputation and marketability.

    Avoid Junk and Spam Email In general, email lists that are being rented are targeted and customized to suit marketers’ needs. However, some marketers are careless and send emails to recipients who haven’t signed up or requested information from the company. Such people may open such emails only to find unwanted adverts and pop-ups. On the other hand, renting email lists can also attract unwanted subscribers. The good news is that there are measures that can protect you from junk and spam email.

    Most companies require you to give them a valid email address before you can rent their lists. This means you need to create an account with them or pay a fee before you can rent their services. Remember to provide the correct email addresses so you won’t be charged for repeated attempts to sign-up or receive emails from opt-in solicitors. If you receive messages from spammers or junk emails, ignore them or delete them immediately. Block them with your spam filter or block them individually with your email blocker software.

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